Lyrics And Poetry

I won’t be a slave anymore 

to that person that i was before 

i gonna breath like a freed prisoner 

i’ll look myself in the mirror and say 

i’ve got my light for shinin’ shinin’ 

i’m brighter every day and i’m tryin tryin 

to get it together, stand up turn on and deliver 

i used to be a worm but now i’m butterflyin’ 

i used to be a worm but now i’m butterflyin’ 

i used to be down in the dirt but now i’m flying 

i’m flyin i’m flyin i’m flyin i’m flyin

 I blink. What comes next? If I If I open my eyes there's no guarantee I'm going to see something to my liking. So I hold my breath for one extra second, ask myself if I really want to do this, arrive at a conclusion and jump in. This is what I go through before every experience. Even before I wrote this I had to convince myself that it was worth it. Accept that no one else is gonna serve it or reword the script that on a switch begin pouring into sentences and stories with eloquent Deliverance. These are my reflections. If I put them down on paper on wax on demo tracks, further Define the message because this The Gift of Gab gathers together Clues and gives me good direction as I remember the only way to write my letters is to sit down with a pen and start with a header. And watch the rest and the address fill in after.

"I want to share this music for the rest of my days while we dance around in fields of hay." -WDK

This place in which you live, call it Earth, call it reality, call it life 
This place in which you live is nothing short of a light 
And at the center of this light, we can see YOUR heart shining bright 
You are the creator with the vision, with the sight 
You are the master of your dreams in the middle of this good night 
And each morning as you rise, your imagination takes flight 
Do you see the garden you've built that can feed all your kin? 
Do you see the structure you've set that will allow all to win? 
Is that the magic your mind created that spun Love out of sin? 
We can all see your work and encourage its continuation 
The potential for good is endless as soon as you begin 
We see how you respect this life with that wild happy grin. 
We thank you for your bravery to be an example for the rest 
Every piece you move helps us build a stronger nest 
A home for our future, many generations be blessed 
It was always you who sticks it through to the end 
Every moment on this arc from life until death 
The very fabric of reality is spun by the LOVE in your breath 
You and I and we and us, all parts made from cosmic dust 
And there we return like seeds to the wind 
To continue the cycle into another spring 
Thank you for being and for giving so selflessly 
Seven generations later will continue on healthily 
And during those moments, we'll still be remembering..... 
The choice you made to wake up and DO SOMETHING!