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One of my favorite bits of wordly expression.  I love the picture painted by this entry from a couple years ago while I lived and loved in Asheville, NC.  I'd like to witness myself cultivating another garden space within the next year so I may cultivate more of the rich experience that inspired these words....


BountyFull Harvest 

Let the flood gates open.  Rivers of ideas and words are canoes.  Today was a day well spent with our mother nature, so beautiful a muse.  The medicine infused with just the right combination of green leaves and sky blues.  "Venture forth young ones and let your self feel loose.  Choose and be the one who lives here in the fruit.  Of life, you may partake.  Inclusive is the bounty so you may thrive and continue to move ever closer to one another, in full health, in full glow, in full honesty and humility.  By your gratitude, you have allowed for the balance to shift in your favor.  Gather nourishing vegetable and glimpse the subtle beauty of your rich Mother Earth.  Go wonder in the leaves and sticks and things and splish splash in the falls till your heart gleams.  You have purpose here and this whole wonderful thing will not abandon your need for occasional refreshing.  Enjoy it for its purpose and honor it for the cycles that brought you close together.  Let your wildest and highest good of goods to be the only hand spinning your wheel.  How doth thou feel?" 

I feel good.  This day, and many days preceding this one, brought to our home a seemingly endless bounty of fresh veggies and good family.  The fine souls in Black Mountain running the Bounty and Soul Tuesday food and family and learning fun time, have provided the space for wisdom and nourishment.  In the early afternoon, I found my box full of fresh bok choy, apples, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, and all sorts of delicious greens.  A few miles down the road, after filling our lives with yummies, we stepped into a field where a man had given all of his beautiful one acre to the greens.  And with signs reading "Greens can not be sold," we filled our bags with fresh, organically grown, kale, mustard greens, and a few other that ...I don't even know.....they just look DELICIOUS!!! 

I believe that the reality is emerging where we are able to thrive together as a whole, loving community in which some brothers and sisters have a true passion for growing things to eat.  Its not difficult and many of us know how to grow plants.  The availability of space for these gardens to grow is uncovering itself more and more within the community at large.  There's space everywhere and we are learning how to use it.  We are learning SO much.  We can be proud of ourselves.  Good job.  Keep it up.  My friend, a sound healer who goes by the name The Polish Ambassador, recently led a group of bright souls through Asheville and gathered the tribe together to talk about big and small picture things involving how to bring the community together to build sustainable living environment where thriving is the result.  Today I experienced the love of people caring for other people in an effort to provide good, quality, organic food to families in the area.  Most amazing, however, was the workshop Ali gave on the truth about sugar.  I learned a lot and felt good knowing that as I continue to work out my own relationship with sugar, I am supported by the whole thing.  Sweet potatoes and responsible amounts of good natural sweet things like raw LOCAL honey and of course fruits.  Its all good in the belly my friends.  Love and abundance.

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