This Is The Inaugural Blog

Test. Mic check one, two, check.  Mix the mic check, one, two, green, blue, flow the truth, be you, be of use, be lifted by the sail on this maiden voyage cruise. Real talk is real news, listen well, I can learn to pick up on honest workin man's clues, and fill my shoes with full steps, footloose, ballerinas wear tutus while I wrap myself in layers of wind and infuse the tickle with the skin, poetry of form wanders like the tip of a pin, punctual and with accuracy, accu-puncture magically releases both Mitzvah and sin on the grand ole path toward re-dem-SHIN.  

This is the first song I ever wrote (during a particular period of my life) A perfect addition to our first blog entry.

(Youtube link form here):

Bless all.  

Intentions in crystal-EYE-zation:

-Video postings
-Music content available for download
-Blog updates describing current projects and other creative and or imaginal whimsings. 
-Donation link
-Continued Goodness

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