My Biographical Reflection

One time I wrote a biography about myself.  This is what it looks like:

Where are we?  Each moment is new and fascinating enough to bring this question perpetually to my lips. For this fortunate traveler on the sands of time, reality is a loving and endless hug from spirit.  I function because there is a necessity for my existence, and as I have made the choice to realize that purpose, I welcome the responsibility to activate.  More a blessing than an obligation, this immersion into life has opened a channel through which I am able to witness the beauty of the infinities that be as song and poetry.  I acknowledge my role here in this realm as that of a student, teacher, performer, creator, and leader.  
My evolution over the arc of this life has been blessed with a balance of struggle and bliss from which I am able to reflect on my experience with the intention to always embrace the changes that arrive with the transformation of 'life now' into 'life now' again.  As a teacher, I enjoy stepping into a role that allows for unlimited freedom to create and access happiness and joy within the student. For the learner, infinity is the only direction to move in and that is mirrored back to me during the experience.  
As I point in a direction that I have found to be wonderful, my students either join me or show me a slightly different direction that I have the opportunity to 
explore as well.  I work with children, teaching music lessons and classroom sessions. The focus in either setting is always on opening up to the possibility that our life is exactly as it is meant to be, and with that knowing, combined with our God-given right to choose, anything our imagination can envision, we CAN breath into reality.  If we can learn to realign our pre-programmed ways of thinking, we may begin to realize a more subtle truth about who/what we really are and why we are here.  As a performer, I constantly get to completely surrender myself to the will of creation.  Let go.  Be.  This is all.  This is Love.  These are the feelings I understand while I perform.  It is an act that fills me spiritually and invites others to access their own light and to share it in the spirit of Love.  As a creator, I am thankful to Co-create with billions of others all the things that swirl around in our minds, just waiting to be realized in the physical plane.  Be it music, art, food, or a solution to a problem, all our creations serve a big purpose: to represent our hearts.  As a leader, I am always humbled by the knowing that I have much more to learn.  I will be (I already am) the kind of leader who strives to know the ocean.  The ocean is below each river and mountain as a cradle into which all things flow.  To maintain that balance and harmony as a people and as a community of living beings, our leaders MUST step up and understand that to thrive, tensegrity must be a value.  The greatest thing a leader can do is to help his/her followers to understand their own value as an equal member of his/her community and provides a blessing in a unique way to the whole.  Through the creation of music, I shall teach these ideas and learn from them throughout my life.  This is the only thing water can do: flow effortlessly down the stream into the heart.  Influenced by science, spirit, diversity, nature, and many other beautiful things, I believe in myself to walk this circle next to each of my brothers and sisters
with my head held high, my voice warm and ready to sing, and my heart open to the infinity that exists under my next step.  

To get to the place I am now was a wild adventure.  I began my life in love with sports and excelled at them throughout my youth.  I began playing the saxophone in school when I was twelve and have continued to study the instrument through college, earning a jazz studies degree from Ohio State University.  In tandem with my musical interests, I have a real love for science and nature.  In fact, I began college as a physics major before redirecting my focus to music.  Either way, I have learned 
from my diverse life experience that it really does not matter what you do so long as you do it from a place of love.  Your heart will tell you what you're made of and will guide you into the right place to be able to continue doing what you love to do.  Words from the wise, "do what you love to do and know that it is right and hold within yourself the intention that that thing that you get up in the morning for, will help the world."  

Be love, my loves.  

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