(IV) Old Blogs, Fresh Reads, Moving Forward With Things

Following the moon cycles has, for a long time, appealed to my inner sense of truth.  I feel a connection to nature and the mystery of life when I pay attention to the moon.  And I feel a sense of respect for the women in my life through that relationship as well.  Women more directly reflect the cycles of the moon than men do (even though its been offered that men go through a moon cycle as well), and in alignment with a woman's divine reflection of mother nature's rhythms, I may always choose to acknowledge the moon in her most vulnerable places....when she is full and visible to all, AND when she is hidden in her own shadow, deeply reflecting the moment to plant a seed that will grow into something bright and beautiful in our darkest night sky.  


New Moon 

The easiest way to flow is to simply open the gate.  That is the action, the word.  Vocalized into kinetic energy in the body to achieve a task that some divine intention has smiled upon.  Sung to.  Danced with.  Colored outside the lines with and trusted to always, no matter what the circumstance, help bring us back to the safely chosen guiding principles that we cherish in our hearts.  All the while smirking to each other with the knowing that none of this is REALLY real.  The illusory construct that we call our home lands with us, or resonates with us in such a way that even the simplest-hearted fool, filled to the brim on Mother Earth's plentiful mana, may recognize herself to be exactly what was meant for us from the very beginning....if that ever really happened at all.  Vague...yes, but its poetry. So just let it be. 

But I digress.  Having a kitty suckle sweetly on your ear is quite possibly the largest distraction to the fantastic truth that exists in this place.  Or is it a distraction really?  Perhaps there is a depth in that place of kitten meets ear that allows us such infinite bliss in this very moment, that even though we forget that ANYTHING ELSE is going on in this whole world of worlds, we are in fact more attuned with the entire embrace of it all than most other times in our daily goings on. And because this is a beautiful new moon night, intention setting's made right by activating the brainwaves to seed this fertile bed with the dream intended to manifest in this place, in this life, in my life. 

So I'm sayin I still got no idea what its gonna be. HA.  But I fully respect that I am simply working out the cosmic bluprints for the whole thing, nestled up real close to one room, drawing lines carefully with my rulers, and compass, making wiggles and swirls to bring it all together.  This is my music room I believe, it surely sounds like it.  It must be all these fantastic colors that I get to draw with using my acoustic light saber paint brush.  The seeds I lay into Grandmother Moon's soil are of my frequency, of my sound, of my voice, of my heart, gone forever to the music of life and love.  Cradle me oh sweet music and carry the spirit high that made you and may we all sing the songs and burn the riffs that create these world weaving melodies.  May our web be strong and safe for all to snuggle up with kitties. 

I am calling on home to stay right where we are.  We love it here.  It sounds...spectacular. 
Strong.  Honest.  Gentle.  Empty.

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