(III) Old Blogs, Fresh Reads, Moving Forward With Things

Wow, in this old entry, I certainly set in place several reminders for myself to keep on task with my health practice/protocol.   I think that the inspiration I draw from re-reading this entry is going to work in my favor over the next few weeks.  


A Day For Health

Reflections upon the past few months have given my mind more to get distracted by than I could hope to manage in eight lifetimes.  So I suppose I am in best interest to let it slide and continue to trust in Spirit to let true purpose be revealed when I'm fully ready to accept it.  That time is always now.  I am ready to continue accepting the fullness that life offers to me in every moment.  Settled into a new home with housemates who fully support all that I am, I feel good about getting to work on some things that have been pulsing in my heart.  Things like, accessing a deeper spiritual practice where I more sincerely acknowledge my body as the temple, writing music for a long time coming recording project, and reading more are where my focus is held.  Tonight I have a performance at a coffee house downtown called Hyphen.  In preparation for the show, I am putting thought into how I can best treat myself so that later tonight, the channel is fully clear. 

Here's how my day has gone so far: 

I woke up early (to take my beloved to Ayurveda school).  I then returned home and cleaned the dishes from last nights epically delicious meal.  I made and drank (and am still drinking) herbal tea for my throat and digestion.   Along with tea time, I prepared a delicious light breakfast comprised of a piece of whole grain toast with an egg and yellow peppers.  It was extremely tasty.  Then I worked on a section of a song that has long been "in progress."  I am satisfied with it now and feel ready to record it with a full symphony orchestra rock band.  After music, I, along with a couple housemates, planted some flowers in a newly recognized garden alter in the side yard where our crystals are now smiling in the sun, recharging that good juju and keeping the ants company. 

The time is noon.  Soon I'll treat my body to a lovely yoga session, a shower, and another cup of throat soothing tea.  While I drink it, I'll spend some time reading for the yoga teacher certification program that I'm working through.  I have one week left to prepare my skills for a three day long module at the Go Yoga studio in Asheville, NC.  The blessings are many and the worries are none.  I love every moment of this life and trust that as I continue to work through my unfolding process, the fractal of my existence will continue to astound me and leave me breathless......creating yet another reminder to breath. 

Thank you Nivers.  I love you. 


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