(II) Old Blogs, Fresh Reads, Moving Forward With Things

It was recently my parents anniversary. They are shining examples of life partners and have accomplished so much through their exploration as partners, homemakers, and family leaders.  I, and my brothers and sister, are eternally grateful for the life we've been introduced to by our beloved parents, Kenneth and Robyn.  

This entry came on during the first days in a new home, and new life, a new partnership (turned deep friendship), and new outlook on my personal purpose and relationship to the earth and the spirit that encircles her every element. I love re-reading these words, they paint a picture of wonderful memories and remind me of my convictions and commitments to myself and inspire me to remember just how ON TRACK I really am with my life.  I am experiencing the paradox of feeling the most swept in the wind and the most grounded I've ever been these days.  The unfamiliarity and newness has me dancing like a wild man in a bird costume on the full moon around the fire with my tribe, my family, my love, and yes, most definitely a partnership I intend to spend many anniversaries celebrating. 

Spirits Rising

Fly.  These days are happening.  Around me, the last services of todays light seep in through the trees. 
Above me the canopy gently whispers the story I lived for the last moon.  It sounds much sweeter when she tells it.  For who else but she, the Mother, knows her son best?  And with such eloquence of language she can pass along the message in more beautiful a way than I could.  Her tongue knows no syllables.  Only the scurry of a leg across a branch, the twinkle of the chirping from the birdies and their blankets of leaves laughing in the air flow. 

She knew two weeks ago, when I said fare thee well to Columbus and my doubt that in this moment, she would finally have the clarity to speak with this lil' man panther in the comfort of our own home.  With the freedom to slink around the trees and weeds up to my knees in bees and spiders and iveys and other cool creepy crawleees, I listen as she tells me why I am here.  The pathway is winding and with uncertain mystery, like the serpent.  And at his mound in the hills of ancient heritage, the reflection is miraculous. A man, before my eyes, a mirror before my spirit.  The ripple of a cycle, once a beginning in my past, now stretched a little deeper into the cosmic mystery of the present.  The imprint.  We are all more alike than we acknowledge.  Gazing into the sun from the mouth of the effigy was surely a magical moment, shared with the serpent ambassadress herself.  A feather token for a safe flight and a curious young tree growing in a curious old place.  All little keys and memories each. 

At home, I now have access to the access point.  Calmness and clarity are such wonderful teammates when building the inner garden.  Its fun to design with natures gifts the poetry of log lined garden beds.  But never a game when one's home is uprooted for the sake of nothing.  Intention for positive and healthy growth and healing is what keeps us from faltering as the outer shell crumbles away.  It can be frightening when the universe simply says.....ok, here you go.  She always does, but at a time, it may be much more recognizable to a person than ever before.  Thats the plateau effect.  We spend time in incubation at a given stage until we find ourselves propelled toward the next one at an incredible speed.  Sink or swim?  I am a swimmer.  Born in a dolphins cradle. 

I love everything.  I honor this process and those who I am able to share it with.  Thank you Brian, Rebecca, Shawn, Sheila, William, Ryan, Biko, and Bagera and JennaMarie. Roses. 

Happy Anniversary MOM and DAD.  32 years strong.  You guys are totally rockstars!!!


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