(I) Old Blogs, Fresh Reads, Moving Forward With Things

I used to have an old blog account with the website Weebly.....(Weebly is cool, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a platform to share their words to the public).  

I haven't used my account there in three years or so because of procrastination and the fact that I have a website now with a blow embedded in it.  

So, just for spits and giggles, I'd like to post up these old blog entries and simultaneously make a commitment to more regularly make entries and update the world with my story as it unfolds in its beautifully dynamic way.   

Here's the first one I wrote: 




What a wonderful feeling to ACTUALLY embark on a new adventure! 

All the excitement that will ensue.....!!! 

I surely have much to be thankful for.  And so, I have decided to begin a running blog with the intention to share my learning experience with my friends and family.  During this elegant process of growing, I will intend to reflect upon my experience through this site.  This allows me to understand my lessons more fully while also offering any soul who happens to read this another piece of the cosmic puzzle.  As we all have invaluable contribution to life and creation, in every single experience is the infinite.  I am so grateful for the humans who offer themselves fully to spirit and allow, in the full spirit of love others to share in their experience.  From these angels (each and every one of you)...(and me)....(hey, that's everybody!!!) I have learned so much and I am grateful to offer myself just in case anything I say, someone else really needed to hear.  I love so much.  Everything all time.  Every googiplex of a second (Amiri Baraka) so please join me in life on an amazing adventure in love and growth and shadow and sun and AWESOME!!


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