Home In Columbus 

Well I've returned to the Robyn's nest in Columbus Ohio.  It feels as if I've awoken after a long dream adventure.  My travels the last couple years have lent many ideas and visions of change and growth to my experience as a conscious thinker.  I suppose the first couple months in Ohio were meant to be met with confusion and stagnation, but that time is slowly fading and I sense the urgency to seriously consider the horizon as it brightens fast into this new day.  Fortunately, in the time I've been away from Columbus, many good things have accumulated here and I find it easy to find the things to keep my sense of wonder in tact.  

Most of all, I have excitedly begun learning the art of music production from home.  Here over the next couple months I'll be able to slowly introduce some of the songs I love to sing to the online medium for the mainstream listening experience.   

That's all there is to say....the music will come out and express the rest.  

This one is called "Blushing Beauty."  It came through an experience I had with the collection by Peter Max called the same name.  To me it is about the high love that exists for the soft feminine beauty and from a man's point of view, some of the many ways she can manifest in our lives as strong women. 

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