Healthy America Part IV

Writing poetry on this road trip has let my heart open wide and my spirit soar.  I realize each day that my gifts in this life are for the arrangement of words and melodies together.  

Healthy America by bus and travelling house.  We've learned much on this grand adventure thus far,
playing while delivering nourishment in jars.  
We've seen a man with more than a few pounds to lose
transform into a soul, seeking his physical health to improve.  
We ask the question, "what does health mean to you?"
Many respond without a clue that the answer they give is their own teaching tool,
shared with the masses by a future on You Tube.  
Camera at the ready and a heart beating steady.  
Generally, the reaction shared by many is one of joy and curiosity.  
We converse with open minds, you see, about acting toward our country's health consciously.

We've made it as far as the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.  All along the way, we've heard story after story of humans taking a serious interest into the worlds of health awareness.  Going from movie sets to farmers markets to public parks, we've have connected with so many wonderful people who show a genuine curiosity toward this group of healers wheeling around a tiny house promoting organic, plant-based eating.  My particular role has been one of creation.  I am learning more and more the profound effect a well constructed piece of art can offer toward connecting an idea with a person's heart.  And so, I have allowed myself to accept that for the moment, my role in life may be to be the channel for poetry and melody that together speak to the benefits of both health consciousness and the value of the products that the Healthy America Tiny House carries along with it.  

I have written songs for:
-Healthy America
-Garden Of Life
-Bragg's Live Foods
-So Delicious Dairy Free

And there are many more to come.  I offer these good vibes to the ears and hearts of the world to inspire awareness and GOODNESS toward the reality that each being may live a healthy and happy life, full of love and with no harmful effect on any other being, including the Earth.  


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