Healthy America, Part III

We coasted into Montgomery, Alabama where we were greeted with a southern kind of kindness.  As we pulled up the City Hall building, two men in suits were there to guide us into our curbside parking space.  Within half an hour, dozens of city council members flocked to our health food stocked tiny home.  Smiling faces and radiating hearts!  That's what we experienced with these beautiful people.  It was clear that they had no idea what to expect from our service.  Several conversations ensued that helped to clarify some of the curiosity Montgomery had about the concept of a travelling group of health practitioners.   Through explaining the contents and quality of the products we carry with us - coconut ice cream bars, cold-pressed juices, vegan cheesecakes - we were able to connect with our new friends in a meaningful way.  Meaningful in that we could tell each of them would walk away with a new found sense of personal responsibility to take care of their bodies and pay more attention to what they put inside them.  One person in particular, known in the office as the Health Czar, was beyond fascinated with our concept.  He explained to us that he has been on a raw plant based diet for quite some time already and had been attempting to influence his co-workers to be more health conscious.  He thanked us greatly for our service and proceeded to give us a wonderful interview, talking about his own conceptions of health and how he promotes good health through his daily life and work.  After we packed up, we were given a private tour of the capitol building and an interview with a local news station before we headed down the road toward Pensacola, Florida.  

Pensacola gave us time for rest and relaxation near the ocean.  During our stay, I went into town to check out the downtown farmers market that goes on every Saturday.  While I was there I met beautiful people and listened to great music.  I followed my ears to a street corner where a family band called Pelican 212 was jamming with a bright intensity.  Older sister, Katie, on guitar was leading her trumpet and trombone wielding younger siblings (aged 8-13) in an epic performance covering songs like When The Saints Go Marching and Sweet Caroline.  I had the chance to chat with them afterwards and learned that their father and mother had trained each of them in the art of music since a young age.  

I also met Dot and Dave.  These two are truly magical people.  They had lived previously in Pensacola until a hurricane wiped out their home and they moved away for several years.  About five years ago they returned and intentionally bought a home on a corner lot in one of the poorest parts of town.  Over the next year they completely transformed the earth on their property into a bountiful food forest.  Throughout the season, they openly give their abundance of vegetables and herbs to the local community who would not otherwise have access or exposure to plant based food.  These two are certainly part of a band of angels sent to this place to provide more goodness INDEED.  I got a personal tour of their urban farm and walked away with a handful of yummy treats.  Before the Healthy America Tour left town, we stopped back at the farm and took some photos and got Dot and her daughter to give us a quick interview.  Dot in particular has an inspiring story of overcoming illness by switching to a raw, plant-based diet.  It is such a blessing to hear about others realizing the benefits of taking better care of themselves through the things they choose to put into their body.  


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