Healthy America, Healers On Tour Toward Hollywood

This summer, along with her many bright colors, brings much goodness into the world of mainstream entertainment.  For many discerning humans out there, it comes as no surprise that the "industry" complex of our reality has been riddled with nonsense and greed.  Evidence of this can be seen in our broadcasts through entertainment media platforms which promote artistic content who's foundation may not totally be rooted in the Divine Beauty of true creativity.  

If we consider that our mainstream entertainment outlets, which are, in all honesty, among the most influencing factors of our culture, do not fully realize the potential to help guide our collective consciousness into states of Goodness, then perhaps we may ask the questions:  "Why does our entertainment seem to constrict us to old-paradigm models of relating to each other?"  "Why do the most popular movies and music focus on topics such as war and unbalanced sexuality?"  and "Can we, as a Human Team, help to influence our mainstream creative outflow into a more consciously aligned presentation?"  

Our Indigo generation certainly holds the space for this latter question to answered in the affirmative.  

Introducing:  The Healthy America Team!!!

There's the visionary, the workhorse, the commonsense master, the child, the builder, the lover of life, the musician, the learner, the music, the chef, the fitness coach, the wise one, and many more.  

Our conscious circus will travel in this newly fabricated tiny home on wheels across the United States of Unimerica promoting healthy and sustainable living practices.  

Supported by several of the leading health and wellness food product companies, we will journey into communities, music festivals, movie and television sets, campgrounds, and other places, to offer the peace we bring through healthy, nature-rich food and the wisdom of a healthy mind-body-spirit.  

Our intention, crystal clear, is this:  continue to do transformational work within ourselves and be the radiant light that shall inspire others to choose to be the light as well.  our itinerary will have us interacting with people from all walks of life.  We'll sit and speak and sing and eat with everyone from travelers with dimes in their pockets to working class families to mainstream television and cinema stars.

Interacting with the latter, we understand that we will have many blessed opportunities to influence and inspire goodness into the world of mainstream entertainment.  For example, perhaps we make a good impression on the director/producer/star of the next "Hot" movie or TV show and in turn, that person chooses to take an initiative to promote healthy and loving living ideals to their fans.  We operate through connectivity with other humans.  If we can include techniques for healthy living into our transmissions, then we will easily continue upward toward higher and more fully functioning states of consciousness and societal normalcy.  

We truly understand that our experience along this path is one of dropping pebbles into a great lake.  With clarity of mind and goodness of intention paired with informed discernment and patience, we will do our part to help create the frequency and patterns of peace and LOVE across our great mysterious human ocean.  

Please check back into this blog for stories from the healthy road.  In addition to our mission.....I will be writing new tunes and poems the whole way and make them available through this site for the enjoyment of all.  

All the blessed!!!!!!!


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