(II) Old Blogs, Fresh Reads, Moving Forward With Things

It was recently my parents anniversary. They are shining examples of life partners and have accomplished so much through their exploration as partners, homemakers, and family leaders.  I, and my brothers and sister, are eternally grateful for the life we've…

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Home In Columbus 

Well I've returned to the Robyn's nest in Columbus Ohio.  It feels as if I've awoken after a long dream adventure.  My travels the last couple years have lent many ideas and visions of change and growth to my experience…Read more

Healthy America Part IV

Writing poetry on this road trip has let my heart open wide and my spirit soar.  I realize each day that my gifts in this life are for the arrangement of words and melodies together.  

Healthy America by bus and…Read more

Healthy America, Part III

We coasted into Montgomery, Alabama where we were greeted with a southern kind of kindness.  As we pulled up the City Hall building, two men in suits were there to guide us into our curbside parking space.  Within half an…Read more

Healthy America, Part II

Our adventure has begun.  We are into our first week on the Healthy America Tour and I must say that this adventure is flowing in a beautiful way so far.  If the experience we've had thus far is any indication…Read more

Healthy America, Healers On Tour Toward Hollywood

This summer, along with her many bright colors, brings much goodness into the world of mainstream entertainment.  For many discerning humans out there, it comes as no surprise that the "industry" complex of our reality has been riddled with nonsense…Read more