The Story Doesn't Have A Beginning.....

Colin James Martin

Music2life Integration Specialist


Colin Martin creates his own reality each day. 

Developing his skills and sensibilities as a songsmith, educator, workshop presenter, performer, role model, and creative collaborator, Colin is truly making a positive impact in the world. 

With the voice of an Angel and the wisdom of a man far beyond his years, he weaves his way through communities across the world, doing his part to share the great story of our humanity with all who are ready listen. 

Both onstage and off, Colin uses the tool of music as a way to inspire the best out of everyone.  Specifically, his "mission" in life is to encourage the inherent musical spirit out of all people.  He continuously works toward this measure through the deliverance of his song lyrics, his "Calling You Home" writing workshops, private music education sessions, and his unique style of one-on-one mentorship which relates life and our experience of it through the lens of music and vibration. 

Humble at heart, yet bold in action and effective with his communication, Colin will always be an asset to the positive, Love drenched evolution our humanity craves. 

Bring him on as a speaker, presenter, and performer in your community, at your festival, in your own home even.  The world needs more people like this man to help all generations, both new and old, to understand how to live in harmony and integrity with the planet and all our relations that call it home.  We are calling you home to love, to your heart, to remembrance.